Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Love My Blackberry

Hello e'rybody! 

I've got Ulta's Love My Blackberry today to show you.  I got this from Nory again in our swap :)  It's my first Ulta polish too.  We don't get them here in Canada.  Booo

Love My Blackberry looks quite blue with just the first coat, but as you add the second the purple shimmer gives it a 'purple' look overall.

Lots of pretty shimmer showed up under my lamp light.


  1. This is really pretty on you! I don't own any Ulta polishes yet either. It would be closer for me than you but I would still have to drive like 45 min. :(

  2. This is stunning!!! I love the way it looks on you. I don't have an Ulta nearby either :(.

  3. Ulta did good with this one! Just might have to hunt this one down...

  4. I love this on you! You will have many more Ultas! ;)

  5. The close-up shimmer in it is so pretty! I love colours like this! It looks so great on you :)


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