Sunday, 19 February 2012

Zoya Dita

I got the coolest nail package in the mail from Nory at Fierce Makeup and Nails!  She is such a sweetheart and I'm so glad I met her through the nail blog community!  Friends being made people!!  She sent me my first Zoya polish ever.  Dita.  A lovely rich berry color, that my camera would just not capture.  But here are some pics anyway.

My camera picked the color up much more red than it actually is.

Under my lamp

Oh man, this polish applied sooooo perfectly!  Opaque in one flawless coat! 


  1. Yay!!!! I am so happy you like it!!! It looks amazing on you!!!

  2. I'm a fan of both Nory and reds, so this is really a fabulous post. Gorgeous way to start your Zoya collection!

  3. Such a wonderful feminine color, I love it!


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