Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Twinsie Tuesday Discontinued Polish

Hiya friends and welcome to another edition of Twinsie Tuesday!

Today we are swatching discontinued polishes.  I had a few limited edition polishes, but I had turned those into frankens, so I'm totes cheating here and someone call me out on it if you know different than me!  I'm guessing that my 2 polishes are discontinued, cuz I haven't seen them around in awhile!

I used Avon Cotton Candy for the base, and Nicole for OPI Gold Texture which is the crackle. 

So am I wrong? haha

OK, check out the other looovely ladies who participate in Twinsie Tuesday's...

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  1. Love the nude and gold combo :)

  2. This combo amazes me...I would never think to pair these two, but wow!

  3. This crackle combo is really beautiful!

  4. That is a fabulous combination!!! I couldn't tell ya if they are discontinued or not, I don't own any avon polishes and not too many NOPI's!

  5. this combo makes me wish I had a gold crackle.

  6. What's the chance that your two discontinued polishes look AMAZING together?? I love this combo! Very pretty!!

  7. Pretty! The Avon's definitely not discontinued though, it's currently available on their website.


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