Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gold Leaf Topcoat

There are a few swatches going around that have gotten me OBSESSED with gold leaf topcoats!  This one by Ash from Art Evolve, and this one from Polish Amor.
I cannot seem to find the OPI Man With the Golden Gun topcoat, so I decided to make my own!  I picked up some gold leaf from Micheals, it cost me $6.00.  Now this is a big pain in the butt to make, but the pay off is pretty great!
This beautiful soft teal China Glaze is For Audrey.
This pretty pink is an un-named Sally-girl polish.

So this is how the gold leaf came when I bought it.  The best way I have found to make it, is to use a piece of paper and an exacto knife and just slice the leaf into tiny pieces.  It takes some patience!  When I got the pieces small enough, I added about 10 drops of clear polish and swiped the polish over my nail, I did have to dot a few pieces on here and there to get the look I was hoping for.  A generous coat of Seche Vite made it glassy smooth!


  1. So perfect and I love the idea of being able to control your gold chunk size!

  2. Lovely, I am loving the first combo! I tried this ages ago and it worked but the gold flakes all lost their colour and turned the polish green !

  3. Oh wow!!!! I need to try this!!!

  4. I love the color combination! You definitely just gave me incentive to try and make my own gold leaf rather than buying the OPI Man with the Golden Gun top coat! Beautiful manicure :)

  5. These are just so beautiful, I don't even have words.

  6. I'm so digging the gold leaf, you make it look gorgeous!

  7. It's my favorite combo: goldleaf with fresh light blue/'s just too gorgeous :)


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