Saturday, 16 February 2013

Claire's Pinata Jelly Sandwich

I almost squealed when I saw Pinata at Claires the other day!  I don't have any shard-type polish yet, so of course I picked this up!
Pinata has multi-color chard bits in a clear base, so fabulous!  Application was a little tricky, sometimes the shards were sparse and sometimes they clumped together.  The end result was way worth it though.  I used Finger Paints Gossamer White with Pinata for my jelly sandwhich.

Three thin coats of Gossamer White.

Next I added one thin coat of Gossamer White over Pinata.

And on Pinata on all four fingers as a jelly sandwich.


  1. This is like a party in a bottle! It looks fabulous in the jelly sandwich over the nude base!

  2. I love this mani! Both the Claire's polish and this Finger Paints is beautiful :)

  3. Love this sandwich: the nude is perfect with the pinata!!!

  4. So fun and pretty! I need to go to claire's!

  5. Gossamer White looks fabulous on you!!!

  6. WOW...I am in love! What an awesome sandwich! Your nails are TO DIE FOR in Gossamer White!


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