Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Twinsie Tuesday Favorite Color

Hello e'rybody!
This weeks prompt for Twinsie Tuesday is our favorite color.  You'd think that would be easy for me, but I found a way to make it complicated!  Green is actually my favorite color if you just ask me what my fave color is.  But if we are talking polish, then my fave would not be green.  If you asked me a few months ago, I would have said that my fave polish color is purple.  But somehow, things have changed, and I am all over some PINK.
So today I am showing you Zoya Shelby which is a fabulous bubblegum pink cream.  Two smooth, buttery coats was all this needed for perfect coverage.
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I won't be posting for a week because as you are reading this we are having our first morning in Disneyland!  Woohoo!  We surprised our girls with a week vacay in Cali.  So excited.  See you next weeks Dolls!


  1. Such a totally gorgeous color on you! I hope you and your beautiful family are having a magical vaca!!!

  2. This is super pretty!! :D
    DISNEYLAND??! So awesome!

  3. Love this on you! It's absolutely flawless!

  4. Totally didn't see pink coming from you but this is such a fabulous creme!

  5. Wow, this shade of pink looks amazing and flawless.

  6. Woohoo pink!!! This is such a pretty polish!

  7. Oh, and hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  8. That is one GORGEOUS pink on you, Anne! Uh. I may be adding this to my Zoya wishlist as I type.

  9. *droooooool* This is fabulous and looks amazing on you!!

  10. Gorgeous pink! I have this one as well but it stained my nails something fierce. It's so pretty though!

  11. What a perfect pink! Totally my cup of tea!

  12. great nails!

    Hope you have time to visit my blog and maybe enter my chicnova.com giveaway! Thanks!
    Just Tututiny

  13. What a fabulous shade--it's just so, so pretty! Definitely going to be on the lookout. :D


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