Thursday, 15 December 2016

OPI Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss and 30 Iconic Shades


Hey Dolls!

Coming this January 2017, OPI is launching new Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss.  The three step system has a new formula which features ProStay technology that offers up to 11 days of gel-like wear and shine.  The updated Primer offers less chipping and the updated Gloss is even shinier than before!

Along with the new Primer and Gloss, 30 additional iconic OPI shades will launch in January 2017.

First up, from the 2015 Hawaii Collection is That's Hula-rious! a sweet minty green cream.  I've wanted this shade for a while now so I was super happy when it was included in the iconic shades!  The formula was fine to work with, but I did need three coats to try and even out the streaks.

Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! is from the 2003 Russia Collection.  It's a lovely gold-champagne metallic.  There are lots of brush strokes with this one, but it's a pretty shade nonetheless. The formula was super great, two easy coats.

Sweet Heart is an absolutely perfect pale pink!  I adore shades like this.  I believe this is from one of the Soft Shade Collections.  The formula was a bit thick and I still needed three coats of it to even everything out.

Got the Blues for Red is a deep, dark red cream.  The formula was great and easy to work with, two coats.

OPI Red is a pink-leaning red with very fine pink shimmer.  I really love this one!  The formula was pretty thick but super easy to work with.  It's very pigmented, I used two coats, but I feel like you can get away with one because it is so thick (in a good way!).

The new, updated Primer and Gloss

These iconic shades and the new Primer and Gloss will be available in select stores and salons in January 2017.  The other 25 shades are:

A-Rose at Dawn...Broke by Noon
Barefoot in Barcelona
Berlin There Done That
Bogota Blackberry
Boyfriend Jeans
Can't Find My Czechbook
Chicago Champagne Toast
Do You Lilac It?
Got Myself into a Jambalaya
I Do It My Run-way
La Paz-itively Hot
Lucky Lucky Lavender
Made Your Look
Mod About You
OPI By Popular Vote
Shh...It's Top Secret!
Shorts Story
Style Unlimited
Suzi...The First Lady of Nails
The Latest and Slatest
The Thrill of Brazil
Tiramisu for Two
You're Such a Budapest

Have a great day my loves!

Anne xo


  1. I'm wondering if you liked the new Primer and Top Coat? The thing is, many people (including me) complain about this particular top coat. It kind of dissolves the nail polish, even if applied after a while.

    1. I don't have any problems with the Primer and Top Coat. I apply my top coats really quickly and only go over one spot one time, otherwise I find the top coat will pull the nail polish around underneath it.


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