Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Zoya Party Girls Collection Winter Holiday 2017


Hey Dolls!

I have the gorgeous new Zoya Party Girls Collection for Winter Holiday 2017 to share with you today.  This 12 polish collection is fun, bright, and shimmery!  As usual, the formula's are perfection, two easy coats for all of them except Nadia, which I needed three coats of because she is a topper.

First up is Danielle, which is described as a dark periwinkle cream.  Periwinkle is my favorite 'blue' polish to wear!

Landon is an aubergine cream.  I love how all of Zoya's polishes have girl names.  I didn't know that Landon was a unisex name, I've only ever heard it as a boy's name.  My Nephew is named Landon.

Kelsey is a bright and beautiful cerise pink cream.

Ming is a scarlet red cream. The only time I wear a red polish is around the Holiday's and I like my reds to be bright, not dark.  This one will be perfect!

Sheri is described as a garnet red. with a crelly formula.  I used two coats but did still have a bit of nail line showing.

 Solstice is a sparkly, persimmon orange.  There are loads of beautiful pink shimmer running throughout.

Delaney is described as a royal, multichromatic metallic flip.  As you turn your hand around in the light, you can see shades of blue purple and green.

Isadora is a stunning plum shade with the finest magenta shimmer.  This one didn't look like much in the bottle, but once it was on my nails, it was a favorite of mine from the collection!

Fallon is a gorgeous magenta with fine magenta shimmer throughout.  Another stunner!

Nadia is sparkling, ginger-gold disco polish that is meant to be used as a topper.  I preferred this beauty on it's own.  This swatch is three coats and you can still see VNL on my ring and pinkie nails which always seem to have a whiter nail line than my other two nails.

Tawny is a sparkling coppery rose, and she is my fave of the collection.  Those gold flakies are so perfect floating around in that stunning coppery rose shade!

Blake has the prettiest, fine gold shimmer in a deep indigo indigo-sapphire base.

There you have it, the new Zoya Party Girls Collection for Winter Holiday 2017.  Which one of these stunners are your favorite?  Tawny and Isadora are mine.

Zoya polishes are available for purchase on their website here.  They retail for $10 USD and they have over 300 shades to choose from!  Zoya polishes have a 10 Free formula and are vegan friendly.

Have a great day lovelies!

Anne xo

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