Thursday, 9 January 2014

Color Club Girl About Town

Hiya Dolls
I have three more polishes to show you from the Girl About Town Collection by Color Club.  I have been wanting The Uptown for a while now, I am such a sucker for a good flakie polish. 
The Uptown has gorgeous flakies that shift green to orange to pink in a purple jelly base.  This polish is even more fabulous in person!

Wicker Park is a bright pastel lavendar that leans pink.  Application was so great, this color is highly pigmented and there were no streaks at all.
I am still on the fence about Pearl District.  I'm not a fan of these kind of colors and I don't think it's very flattering on my skin tone.  Color Club describes this color as the stone Tigers Eye.  Application was easy, I used two coats for this swatch.


  1. The Uptown is so stunning! Your swatch is gorgeous!

  2. I actually love all of these! They look so good

  3. I read this post and gasped. I haven't wanted any Color Clubs in forever, so ... WELL DONE, woman. Now I want this entire collection! They look beautiful on you.

  4. The Uptown is gorgeous, but then I love a flakie! But what is mesmerizing to me is Pearl District. I am not normally crazy about colors like that, also, but LOVE it on you, with your skillful and beautiful application. Kudos Much!

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! That flakie looks amazing!

  6. i love the second color, and the first reminds me of some similar polishes i love


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