Saturday, 21 March 2020

Color Club Halo Chrome, Swatch and Review

Hello Loves!

I bought 6 of the Color Club Halo Chrome polishes a while back.  Showing you 4 of them today.

Is it Love or Luster? is a gorgeous pink metallic with holo glitter flecks.  You can only see the holo in direct sunlight.

Metal of Honor is a vibrant purple metallic with holo glitter flecks. Two coats and an easy to work with formula.

Beg Borrow and Steel is a silver metallic with holo glitter flecks.  Two coats.

Good as Gold is a gold metallic with holo glitter flecks.  Two coats.

You can't see a lot of the holo under my lamp light but it does show up nicely in the sunlight.

Have a great day loves

Anne xo

1 comment:

  1. They look alright, I bet they look fab in the sun :-D


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